Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Time, with a capital, T

The Mob Lectures part 3

firstly i claim no quantum physics/theology doctorates yet this seems to make sense.

if man eventually discovers the ability to travel forwards through time then it proves the existence of God, or at least some higher power.

if there is a future to go to then the fate of the universe has already been decided, by who or what is debatable, but if it exists then it must have been organised. the argument is that it could be one of the possible futures as defined by peoples choices and there is an alternative future decided by the variation of those choices. this argument can be debated though, if there are alternative futures based upon different decisions then there must effectively be inifinite alternatives, as every decision, no matter how binary, has after effects that would affect the next decision.

example: i have a slice of cake. i decide not to eat it (a binary decision, eat or not eat) the affect of that decision is that i'm hungry, so i eat something else, someone else gets the cake. who eats that slice might be affected differently depending upon who they are and the choices they make preceeding and after eating the slice of cake. binary decisions, infinite possibilities.

now if there are infinite variations then A: travelling to one of those futures becomes near impossible because a time travel device would need to extrapolate a single future from an infinite amount. it would be set going and never stop because it could never find an end, like Pi (pie and cake, am i hungry? psycho-analytical lecture next time) this means B: time travel in this instance would be pointless. if it were possible to travel to one of these variations it wouldn't necessarily be the one that you ended up in, thus, pointless. it also implies some sort of metaphysical barrier between the infinite realities. this becomes too much like magic, where are these alternatives? they're identical but at the same time completely different. so long as we have a physical presence then they must also have a physical presence. too many impossibilities.

now the lack of time travel doesn't disprove the existence of God, Dinosaurs do.

Mob, practically speaking.

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