Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Cultural Desert

(partially inspired by shelley's ozymandias, but nowhere near as good obviously)

Did you see this spiralling?
a hundred times around
the dreams of the insane and
pushers squeezing the drops
intravenous with needles
into the eyeballs of the dead.
A thousand revolutions for
the sake of this time where
the fat of the land is cut
for the entertainment of a billion
decaying eyes and souls of the billion
lying rigor mortis fucking in their
thrones of debt,
debt to the bank,
debt to society,
debt to themselves these kings and queens
of credit card coroneted the day they
were specially selected
to receive these offers.
Did you hear the half groan mumblings?
of this graffito ejaculate that
stains pure white a million
lives splashed against the wall.
Did you see
that no great edifice marks this age?
that does not stand on corrupt foundations
of paper that cannot take the weight and
crumbles to ash with mocking impertinence.
A hundred years from now
there is only the desert burnt to glass,
reflecting the deep ether
of this shitty city humanity.
A blot on the edge cannot grip
in greased palms that slip
and drop into the abyss.
Did you feel the rot?
of fear of terror,
that ever present grip of
panic tightens round the
strongest of us and makes
grown men weep
at the laughter of children
where every moment
is a blessing
from a eunuch god.
Did you pass through this night?
Under the infinite lights of a thousand flames
that collapse this earth.
Not stars, but missiles.

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