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The Quartavo

Mortis Bellum Vita Pax. Arise the Four and guide us.
Death in War. War for Life. Life for Peace.
Peace in Death.
The first of these is Death.

Book 1: The Beginning through the Death of Nothing.

1.The First Harvest.

The eternal nothing both surrounding and part of Death, the Infinite. The ‘Angel’ of Death, Yoma, Izanagi, Enma, Shachath, Morrigan.
All are false, “Gods” bear no relation to the true lord that brought all by the taking of the soul of nothing.
The infinite, took of himself the nothing and harvested it. The destruction of the infinite created the something, the finite.
First of the finite are the Three; and being the first their existence shall outlast all but their lord, so said the Infinite, the first words spoken in the age of creation.
The Three all equal, Pax, Vita, Bellum; Peace, Life War. All serve the infinite. The second words of the infinite, Death in War, War for Life, Life for Peace, Peace in Death.

2.The Age of Creation

The infinite now tasted the Ahgash, or soul, of the nothing and charged the Three to create more so that he might harvest them.
Bellum gouged a thousand shining eyes from his head, divided them each a thousand times and spread them across his black blood that spilled across the infinite.
Pax pulled five teeth from its mouth and ground them to spheres, then spread them across the black blood.
Lastly Vita spread the essence of life onto each of the teeth and life was born. So created were the lights in the sky, the five centres of life, and the black that separates them.
And on the second of Pax’s teeth first grew man and woman.

3.The Trial of The Schriptors

Jaboleth, being the first to bear the Ahgash, was blessed by the Infinite with power of speech and thought, and blessed was his mate Freya also.
And he sent the Three as men to speak to them and Bellum said, ‘you must remove your neighbour and take his land’.
And Pax said, ‘this shall bring you the peace of safety hereafter’.
And Vita said, ‘through peace you shall gain life eternal in the realm of the infinite.
And Bellum gave to Jaboleth a spear of metal.
And Pax touched Jaboleth’s mind and gave him the peace to fight with a clean mind.
And Vita laid armour upon his shoulders to hold his life within.
And Jaboleth took the spear and armour and fought his neighbour Assan and killed him and took his land.
And the Three came again to Jaboleth and Bellum said, ‘you have harvested the Ahgash of Assan’ and Pax said, ‘the infinite has received it into his realm and placed it in the lower depths’ and Vita said, ‘Assan was weak, you Jaboleth are strong, bring more Ahgash to the infinite and you shall earn a place in the higher court.’
Jaboleth left Freya and searched the land for the weak, sending a hundred Ahgash to the eternal realm. The infinite was impressed by Jaboleth’s prowess and so sent the Three to test him.
The Three appeared at the house of Jaboleth in the disguise of beggars and ruffians when Jabboleth was away
Knowing that Jaboleth would return before the sunset they set upon Freya and used her. Upon returning to his home, Jaboleth set upon the Three, not recognising their true forms.
He fought all three, but each cut he made healed before his eyes. Bleeding and wounded in the chest he fell and the Three stood around his dying body. With his last strength Jaboleth thrust at the Three even as his eyes grew heavy.
Then the Three revealed their true forms. Jaboleth had passed the test and they laid hands upon him. His wounds healed and his armour was replaced by a robe of white.
The Three spoke as one, ‘Jaboleth, your time of war is over, you have earnt peace, you shall be the prophet of the Four, you shall write down the true words of the infinite so that all shall know.
And Jaboleth took the name Schriptor Verum, the Writer of Truth, and the Three took the memories of the test from Freya and gave her the name Schriptor Deligio, the writer of love.
And the Three charged the Schriptors to spread the words of the infinite, for the infinite had seen that through Verum and Deligio, Man could create new Ahgash.
And so the Schriptors wandered the lands, from the frozen northern waste to the heat of the south and each they visited listened to the words of the Four and followed them faithfully.
Then there came a time when Jaboleth and Freya wandered in the white mountains and they were set upon by seven Foukai, a tribe from the eastern desert.
The Schriptors put their faith in the words they had written and held the books to their breasts. Four of the Foukai struck at Jaboleth and their blows glanced off the skin of the tomes but three struck at Freya and they passed through the book and into her heart.
A great light spilled from Freya’s wounds causing the Foukai to flee but still Freya lay dying.
And as Jaboleth held her in his arms he called to the Four to save her, and the Three appeared before him and spoke,
‘ Schriptor, your life has been blessed by us, you have been given knowledge beyond all others, you have been given followers innumerous, it is her dedication to you that gives her a seat in the Infinite’s realm.’
And so with their words the Three took the Ahgash of Freya and departed for the Eternal Realm. And Jaboleth took the body of Freya into the cave and wept until not a drop of water was left in his body.
And there he lay down and died, each of the Schriptors clutched the two books that begin the Quartavo. And the Ahgash of Jaboleth was harvested by the Infinite and the Infinite was pleased by the succulence of an Ahgash spent in worship to him.

4.The Jar of Anfar

1. In the town of Balen ruled a faithless warlord Hunan with many men.
2. In his hall hung the heads of the chiefs of the Itsac and the Faren and the Guri.
3. And on his walls hung the spears of Nuhai and Numai.
4. And at his feet lay the tribute of the tribes of the Mazarites and the Lofen.
5. Hunan’s youngest son, Ralyn, left the court to travel the lands and seek new conquests for his father.
6. And in the lands of Wafe he came upon a village, and in the tavern there he met an old man in the robes of a Mistich.
7. And the Mistich told Ralyn of a town where the Mistich knew of a great treasure.
8. Ralyn rode for twenty days of the desert to the town of Kolt and went straight to the house of the Mistich.
9. And the Mistich Fras told Ralyn of the town of Anfar, and a Jar within given to the town by the Four that held a treasure of immeasuarable value.
10. Ralyn rode for his father’s home without sleep and went straight unto his court.
11. And Hunan saw his son, dusty and fatigued from riding and asked him what he had found.
12. And Ralyn told his father Hunan of the town of Anfar and the treasure the Mistich spoke of.
13. And Hunan called his men to arms, and a thousand of his men heeded his call.
14. Hunan stood upon the steps of his hall and spoke to his men,
15. ‘Men of Balen we shall be rich this day, my son Ralyn has found the town of Anfar. It is a town of Mistichs and monks, they have no army, they have but a single wall around their town but they hold one of the treasures of the Four. I shall have it as my own.’
16. And the men of Balen marched with Hunan and Ralyn at their head. And they came upon the simple town of Anfar and they stormed the walls and the Mistichs and the monks fled to the great temple at the centre of the town.
17. And the men of Balen charged through the streets and stopped at the temple steps.
18. And Hunan stepped forward and demanded the Mistichs give up the treasure of the Four.
19. And far above them a stone door opened onto a ledge and a great stone jar was toppled by the monks and the water fell upon to heads of the men of Balen.
20. Each man of Balen lay down his arms and Hunan watched as all, including Ralyn, began repairing the walls of the town and replacing the damage they had caused.
21. And Hunan, whom the water had missed, turned to see the temple doors open and out stepped the Mistich Fras. And Hunan demanded to know what magic he had done.
22. Fras replied ‘this is the power of the Jar of Anfar, each of your men has had his mind purged of war, he knows only peace, this is the power of Pax’
23. And so saying he threw water from the Jar over Hunan.
24. And Hunan laid down his sword and began tending to the houses of the town.

Mortis Bellum Vita Pax, Arise the Four and Guide us
Death in War. War For Life. Life for Peace.
Peace in Death.
The Second of these is War.

Book 2: The Revival of the Four.

1.The Crusade Upon the Faithless

With the Schriptor’s death the words of the Infinite were forgotten and false Gods were created, all corruptions of the true Four.
The true Four waited for the day of Kin’pah, the reckoning.
And on the Four thousandth cycle of the eyes, a boy entered the cave wherein the schriptor’s lay.
And the boy found the Schriptor’s books, and he read them, and the Three appeared before him.
And upon seeing the Three, the boy fell to his knees and wept but the Three raised him by the arms and touched his forehead.
And upon the boy’s forehead they burnt the symbol of the infinite, three circles entwined in a fourth.
And the Three spoke, ‘You are but a child, but your Aghash is strong, take the weapons we give you and go forth, bring about the old ways to the people.’
And the Three once more armed the boy as they had Jaboleth, and named him Sujes’.
And Sujes’ went to Brieth, and spoke to his people, but they did not believe his words, so he returned to the cave of the schriptors.
Sujes’ told the Three of what had happened in the town and the Three touched his spear, making it shine brighter than the sun so that the people might see the power of the infinite.
And Sujes’ returned to the town, and spoke to the people, and showed them the spear and the people accused him of trickery and beat him about the head with shoes and sticks.
Once more Sujes’ returned to the cave and told the Three of what had happened in the town, and the Three touched his breast and made the heart of Sujes’ beat louder than the drums of the Gurbahn, so that the people might hear the love of the infinite.
Sujes’ returned to the town and spoke to the people, and they heard his heart beat. Once more they thought it evil magic, and they tore the bricks from their houses and stoned Sujes’ until he fled.
And once more he returned to the cave of the Schriptors, and he told the Three once more what the townspeople had done. Once he had finished the Three stripped him of the beating heart, the bright spear and the armour of Jabboleth and sent him to the town naked.
And Sujes’ spoke to the people, standing naked and unafraid in the centre of the town. And the people saw his nakedness and saw in it the naked truth of his words and the learnt of the Four, and swore to follow Sujes’.
And the Three appeared to Sujes’ and he spoke, ‘my Lords, why did they not follow me when I showed them your power, but they listened when I was naked?’
And the Three replied, ‘the people have heard the lies of other God’s garbed in gold finery, only one who foregoes the dress of a false prophet may truly lead them. This is the lesson of humility’.
And Sujes’ led the people of Brieth to the town of Raka, and then to Fiq Slam, then to the fields of Gaffa, and in each he forewent the armour of the Schriptors and spoke to the people naked, and in each the people received the mark of the Four and joined the crusade of the inifinite.
In the grand city of Kobyar sat the king of the lands, Bin Falook, and his messengers brought him news of the crusade rising in his stolen lands.
Bin Falook was angered by his messengers, and he sent one hundred of his men to kill Sujes’ and his followers.
A cycle of the eyes passed and no word came from his army, and Sujes’ popularity grew and more towns followed him. So Bin Falook sent two hundred of his men to kill Sujes’.
Another cycle of the eyes passed and no messengers came, and Sujes’ became ruler of a quarter of the lands. Bin Falook sent five of his best Hashashim to kill Sujes’ as he slept.
Another cycle of the eyes passed, and no messenger came to tell Bin Falook of his Hashashim’s success. And Sujes’ led half of the people of the land. Bin Falook rode from his palace with his sons and five hundred of his palace guard.
And they came to the open field of Oban, where Sujes’ and his warriors were camped. Bin Falook rode out onto the plain and demanded Sujes’ submit and release the men of Bin Falook’s army.
And Sujes’ rode out to meet Bin Falook, and hearing his demands he raised a fist and struck the silver armour on his breast.
And from out of his camp came the three hundred men that Bin Falook had sent against him, each arranged in a rank of sixty, each led by one of the five Hashashim.
And all bore the mark of the Four.
Bin Falook was angered by the betrayal and rode back to his own lines to make preparations for battle.
Sujes’ remained in the centre of the field and removed his armour letting it drop to the ground, and he stood on his horse unclothed and addressed the army of Bin Falook.
‘Men of Kobyar, I stand before you as I did when Vita blessed my form with my Aghash, when Bellum armed me against the trials, when Pax healed my mind of conflict, and I stand as the Infinite shall receive me. These are the true Four and no other’.
And the men of Kobyar lay down their arms and armour and bowed before the power of the Four.
Bin Falook, fearing magic in Sujes’ words, closed his ears and the ears of his sons with wax and refused to listen to the words of Sujes’.
And once Sujes’ had finished, and the men of Kobyar had lain down their arms, Bin Falook flew into a terrible rage, having not heard the words of the infinite, and ordered his men to attack.
And the men turned on Bin Falook and his sons, and they dragged them from their mounts and beat them until their eyes and mouths were as shut as their ears.
And the men of Kobyar were about to kill the King when Sujes’ ordered them to stop and he approached the King and the Princes.
And Sujes’ ordered them stripped, and he took all of their gold and weapons and their mounts, and shaved their beards and heads so none would know them, and he sent them out as beggars to wander the lands.
And Sujes’ led the men to the city of Kobyar where a great sadness had spread for all the women thought their men dead at Sujes’ hand.
And there was a great rejoicing at the return of the men, and a great procession was led through the streets, and the people threw flowers from their windows, and children kissed the feet of Sujes’.
And Sujes’ went to the palace of Kobyar and ruled in the name of the Four, and the halls were hung with banners bearing the mark of the Four, and he had many sons.
And the women of the town bore many children, and the trees of the town bore many fruit, and the town was blessed with life.

2.The Last Words of Sujes’

1. After many cycles Sujes lay dying.
2. ‘Come my children to my side and hear my words’.
3. ‘I divide my kingdom among you’.
4. ‘Take not the lands of your brothers with force’.
5. ‘Allow not the scorpion to walk upon your lands or in your homes, allow not your servants to go barefoot upon the ground’.
6. ‘Rest not when the eye is high, nor work when it is low’.
7. ‘Bear no grudge to the man who spreads his seed upon your ground, for you must spread yours further and wider’.
8. ‘Follow the Four in all, follow death, as I do’.
9. Sujes’ body was carried by his sons from his bed to the temple of the city where he was burnt in a perfumed pyre with many oils and wrapped in a hundred silks.
10. And there was a great sadness in the city for a thousand days.

Mortis Bellum Vita Pax, Arise the Four and Guide us
Death in War. War For Life. Life for Peace.
Peace in Death.
The Third of these is Life.

1.The City of Modush and The City of Mogan

The youngest sons of Sujes’, the warrior Modush and the cunning Mogan, both born of the same moment, left the city of Kobyar and travelled far to the west.
They came upon a verdant mountain valley rich with metal and girt by a river filled with fish.
And the river fed the land, and the fruits and plants grew bountifully.
And Modush and Mogan fell to their knees and thanked the Four for the blessing of this place.
Modush took his family and built his house upon the mountain, closest to the place where he could find the metals to arm his men.
And Mogan built his house upon the river bank, and grew food and cattle to feed and clothe his men.
And many people came to the houses of Modush and Morgan and they grew to villages, then to towns.
And Modush found gold in the mountain and the jewellers of the town made him many rings and pieces for his hair and waist and Modush left his town to show his brother his wealth.
Mogan received his brother in his modest home and saw his many rings and said, ‘Modush my brother, I admire your finery, but I must ask for some tools, my farmers cannot produce stores for plenty in the cold days without metals’
But Modush replied ‘brother we cannot spare you metals, I have barely enough to arm my men against invaders’.
And Mogan sent his brother from his house in a rage, for he saw the waste of metals on his brother and called him a fool.
And Modush returned to his town and closed his gates to the people of his brother’s village.
Then came the cold days, and the people of the town of Modush starved for the land of the mountain could not produce enough food. And Modush looked down upon his brothers town and saw the food stores full of plenty.
And Modush stripped himself of his gold and his jewels and took upon the dressings of a farmer and came to his brother’s gates.
And he fell upon his knees before Mogan and said,
‘Brother I am a fool, please spare my people and share your food with us’
And Mogan replied ‘Brother you are a fool no longer, we will share our food as you must share your metal,’
So saying, Mogan lifted Modush to his feet and held him to his breast. And Mogan shared his food, and Modush shared his metal.
And between the two towns a great temple was built with doors open to both towns.
And every cycle of the eyes the men of Modush brought metal and the men of Mogan brought food and it was exchanged.
And after many cycles the two towns became one city, and the walls stood for a thousand cycles.

2.The Judgement of the Infinite

1. The Three, those that came after the Infinite, those whose existence would only end moments before the Infinite’s.
2. The Triumvirate watched man and learnt of his strengths and of his weaknesses.
3. And greatest of the weaknesses they saw was pride, the false trickery of manself.
4. So taken with pride were the Three that they attempted it upon themselves.
5. And Bellum said ‘I am strongest, for I make men fight their closest friend’.
6. And Vita said ‘I am strongest, for without me there would be no will in man to fight’.
7. And Pax said ‘I am strongest, for without me, there would be only war’.
8. And the Three began to argue amongst who was strongest, and they roared so loud in anger that the infinite heard and sought the source of the conflict in his realm.
9. The infinite, finding the Three in deep debate sought the reason for the argument and heard their reasons.
10. Upon hearing their reasons the Infinite laughed and said,
11. ‘None but I am strongest. War without death is no war, life without death is no life, peace without death is not peace. All of you answer to me. None are stronger nor weaker than the other, that is your gift over man’.
12. ‘Only through dedication to you three, and myself above all, can man join my realm.’

3.The Benefits of True Faith

In the peaceful and fertile lands of Gurnat, in the market town of Dank, lived a man named Froha.
Froha left his home and wandered the desert when he came upon a lion caught in a trapper’s pit.
The lion was wounded in the leg by a spike, so Froha drew his sword and slit the throat of the lion. Froha then sat, his arms held out, palms up in the manner of the beggars of Deneb.
A merchant passed and asked him what he held his hands for, and Froha replied ‘my reward from the infinite’.
And the trapper came and took the lion from the pit and asked Froha what he held his hands for and Froha replied, ‘my reward from the infinite’.
and after the seventh day the Three appeared before Froha, who was weak and could barely sit straight and asked him what he held his hands for, and Froha replied,
‘I gave the Ahgash of that great beast to the infinite, I have been faithful my whole life and I have received no great rewards like those of the Schriptors or Sujes’. Where is the payment for my Ahgash?’
Vita spoke thus, ‘When your mother bore you, I gave you life, that is your reward.’
Bellum spoke, ‘The tribe of the south made war upon your king, I made your king stronger so his people, you, were not killed. That is your reward.’
Pax spoke last, ‘We have spoken to you now, that is your reward.’
And Froha stood and bowed his head and spoke,
‘Forgive me my lords, I knew know better. My small head cannot comprehend the changes you make that improve the life of the faithful in such great ways. Please allow me to serve you.’
And the Three stripped him of all but a piece of leather and gave Froha a knife no longer than his smallest finger and no sharper than wood and spoke to him,
‘Take these and earn our forgiveness. The tribes of the south begin to rise again, go serve your king and the Four.’
And Froha took the blade and the leather and marched for the south and met the army of his King.
And the King’s men laughed at this man, wearing nought but a leather and bearing nought but a short blade.
Froha made camp with the men and took a stone from the ground, and sharpened the blade until it cut through the toughest meat,
And he took the leather and painted the mark of the Four upon it and bound it about his head.
The next day the king made war, and Froha was at the front of the charge, and he slew the tribe of the south viciously.
Scores fell before him until he came upon Camelus, the champion of the tribe of the south.
And Camelus swung a great hammer at Froha’s head but Froha did not move.
The hammer could not touch Froha’s skull, which bore the protection of the Four, and Camelus fell back sore afraid.
And Froha leapt upon Camelus and cut him one hundred times about the face and chest and Camelus fell.
And when he looked upon the body of Camelus he heard the voice of the Three telling him that he had earned their forgiveness.
Froha took the armour of Camelus and the Hammer of Camelus and the King’s army cheered him for the tribe of the south was defeated and fleeing.
But Froha would not stop and he chased each man of the tribe of the south and killed him with the Hammer of Camelus and took their teeth and kept them on a bag about his waist.
And Froha became the champion of his King’s army, and after thirty cycles he left for the Infinite’s realm and felt the eternal love of his Ahgash’s consumption.

Mortis Bellum Vita Pax, Arise the Four and Guide us
Death in War. War For Life. Life for Peace.
Peace in Death.
The Fourth of these is Peace.

1.The Vision of the Day of Sundering

The Prophet Nezeriah walked the path of Bellum’s Spear, crossed the River of Vita’s Bounty and succumbed to the Ritual of Pax’s Calm.
As he lay in the great city of Eban, waiting for the infinite, he was blessed with a vision gifted by the Eternal and his scribe wrote what he saw;
‘I see a great stone fall from the realm of the Infinite and crash upon the ground and it will shatter the ground into four and the waters shall pour in and the land will drift like leaves upon a lake.’
‘And man shall not know his brother upon the drifted lands for many cycles.’
‘The four lands shall be like the Four who guide, war shall rule upon one, peace upon the second, life upon the third and death over one and all.’
‘But the people shall forget the ways of the Four and a great sadness shall infect the souls of man and he will not know truth of the Four and this will make him weak and powerless.’
‘The ground will split once more not in the physical but in the minds of men and they shall divide themselves upon false gods.’
‘And the infection of the soul will spread to the mind and false gods will rise, none as powerful as the infinite, and the false gods will be alike but different, and this shall cause great conflict amongst men.’
‘Then will come a time when man shall harness the sea like a rider upon a horse and he shall use it, and it will carry him so that the men of war can travel to the men of peace and make war, and the men of life will visit the lands of death and the people shall mix.’
‘And all the lands shall then know war, and peace, and life, and death, and man shall spread, and he shall live by the tenets of the Infinite though he shall know it not.
Death in War, War for Life, Life for Peace, Peace in Death.’
At the end of the first day, Nezeriah slept.

2.The Vision of The Day of the Faithless

Upon waking the second day, again Nezeriah saw a vision and the scribe wrote;
‘There will come those that preach false, in all the lands they shall wear the robes of the Mistich but spread the lies of the false gods. And the people will follow like the lamb follows the shepherd.’
‘And they shall claim to have the ear of ‘Gods’ and they will hold sway over Kings and Emperors and all shall kneel before the man of white and gold.’
‘I see faithless men of metal walk upon the ground and they make war upon the faithless. I see no faith wherever I espy man.’
‘The faithless will fight over trinkets and words, false words and false trinkets and none shall know the love of Pax for many years.’
‘And man shall throw spears of fire that pass through metal as if like cloth, and Lords shall sit on thrones of stone while their men pass fire amongst them.’
‘And the ground shall turn red and the blood will flow like water upon the ground and into the mouths of the dead.’
‘The blood shall leave stains upon the ground that no rain will wash and all will mark the place of death with sorrow in their minds and hearts.’
‘I see the spears of fire grow larger, metal spears of fire thrown high in the sky then dropping upon the faithless from the faithless and causing death and disease and the dying crying blood in the streets for they know not that they are to be welcomed in the Realm of the Eternal.’
‘And man shall know power unimaginable, power over the land, the sea, the sky and he shall even know the caress of the Infinite’s realm before his time, but still he shall know no peace.’
‘Many shall rise above the others and invoke Bellum, and Bellum shall answer their call and give the land war like no other, and scores of scores of scores of Ahgash shall ascend and the Infinite will gorge upon the succulence.’
Ended the second day, and he slept once more.

3.The Vision of the Day of the Redeemer

Nezeriah rose the third day and was blessed once again;
‘Then will come the time of great feast and great famine.’
‘For some will know nought but full stomachs and full minds and shall taste of every tree and shall savour the finest delicacies of thought.
‘And some shall know nought but hunger, shall reside in the basest of huts, shall watch as their young die and their fields grow nought but dust and they shall know no beauty nor the taste of life.’
‘For none will come from the feast for the famine, nay, the little of the famine will come to the feast and there will be great sadness upon the land.’
‘Yet from the feast, one shall rise who bears the mark of the famine, and he shall be a man of war yet he will be of peace.’
‘And he shall lead the famine to the feast, and the food that the feast drop upon the ground shall no longer fall into dust but into the mouths of the famine.’
And the feast shall make room upon their table for the famine and break their bread with them and their will be much rejoicing.’
‘And the one who bears the mark of famine will lead the united people to a glorious land. and he shall bring about the return of the Four to the land.’
‘Each man will work for himself, and each man will work for the betterment of other men, and each will accept the help of their fellow man.’
‘The people shall know the love of the Four and the land shall know the love of the Four and no longer will there be imbalance. Justice shall reign.’
And Nezeriah slept the third night.

4.The Vision of the Day of the End

The fourth day came, and Nezeriah awoke with fire in his eyes;
‘The day of Kin’pah must come, as it was with the destruction of the nothing, so the something must end, the end of the finite, the final consumption.’
‘Man shall cover every ground and he shall search the infinite and he will find the four other teeth of Pax that contain the Ahgash of life.’
‘One tooth will make war, one will make peace, one will share life, one will share death, so it has been, so it is, so it will always be.’
‘And the five teeth will combine and share their seed, and the new race shall be born and they shall unite the five, and then the Kin’pah will begin.’
‘The Eternal shall begin consuming itself, taking the Ahgash of the eyes of Bellum and the blood he spilled.’
‘Then he shall gorge on the Ahgash of the five teeth, and each shall be judged unto their place in his realm.’
‘And then the Three shall be allowed to enter the realm, and they shall do gratefully.’
‘And lastly the Infinite shall consume himself and there will be nothing but nothing.’
Nezeriah’s last words in this realm;
‘I see five words in fire across the sky, Death then War then Peace then Life;
And the last word is Death.’

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