Wednesday, 25 June 2008

The Mob Lectures P.t 1 of a several : Masculinist Literature

Much has been written in the last hundred or so years on the subject of feminism and it's place within literature. highlighting the place of the female within society it has been a major force for change. by emphasising the failings of a male dominated society and it's treatment of woman it has opened the eyes of many members of society to some of the barbarism and degredation that woman suffered and what had to be done to change this.

it has, however, eclipsed even the idea of Masculinist literature. it is an unfortunate truth that within our society we have become so obsessed with what is acceptable that the line of neutrality has shifted in favour of over sensitivity to discussion of certain topics that really cause no offence, it is only certain people that believe it should. this has created the situation where feminism has become such an accepted norm that the idea of masculinism instantly becomes associated with a sexist, female oppressive genre, but Masculinism is merely the highlighting of problems within the male sector of society, problems that have every right to be viewed as equally as Feminine.

Young male suicide rates have tripled in the last thirty years, they are now 6 times higher than that of females of the same age.

There is so little that can be truly described as masculinist literature partly due to the inherent idea that to be maculinist is to be sexist, but also partly because of the male dominated society that exists. Male specific problems are made a problem for society as a whole, whereas female specific problems are forced into the spotlight only by focus groups devoted to that end. it could be surmised that when Masculinist Literature is recognised as a genre is when we achieve true equality; when the problems of men are their own, and not forced onto everyone's shoulders.
Some may say that Masculinist Literature already exists, that the war fiction and spy novels deal with Men but this is not true. like the Chick-lit holiday fiction, these war novels don't deal with the actual everyday issues of a modern man, they force a view into the reader's mind of what life should be. A fantasy of what we all believe life is about but actually reflecting nothing of the truth. Ian Fleming is not Germaine Greer. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is not the Female Eunuch.

the line between Masculinism and sexism is an incredibly fine one but it is an artificial line created by society. True Masculinism is not interested in the oppression of the female or Feminism but just the opposite; to highlight, in equal measure with feminism, the plight that modern men deal with. in certain cases this can be even worse than that of women. the accepted society norm for men is a strenght and dependability, making many men contain their emotions and feelings inside them unhealthily whereas for a woman, who arguably, on balance, have a much more difficult life than a man from the beginning, it is much more acceptable to release emotion. to show emotion as a man is to show your weakness, and other men will pounce on that so as to re-enforce their own masculinity in a bizarre pack ritual. If, in our society, we are ever going to stop abuse from men, violence and maybe even war, we are going to have to allow men to express themselves as a group openly and without fear of emotional destruction because of it. This requires such an incredible shattering of what is considered normal within society that only a major disaster could ever offer that opportunity for change.

The only novel, to my knowledge, that could ever truly be called masculinist literature would be Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Sallinger. The tale of a young man it follows if life over few days around the Christmas holiday from his Preparatory school. It unashamedly deals with the whole gamut of feelings and emotions that the boy experiences and Sallinger is unabashed in his description of them. this book truly comes from the heart of someone who has many problems, and sees many problems with young men and has decided to show them to the world through literature. this is what Masculinist literature should be about, highlighting Male problems with society just like Feminist literature does the same for Females.

i'd also like to re-emphasize my full support of the feminist movement, Male oppression and abuse is a despicable and unforgivable act.

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